1. João Caju
    June 13, 2021

    Hi, Stacey!

    This message isn’t about anything in particular, but I just wanted to reach out to you even as just another internet person.

    This morning I was wandering through my internet browser settings and found some of my old Favorite websites.

    Much to my surprise, I once again found one of the most ~magical~ World of Warcraft blogs: Manalicious!

    Back in the day, I also used to main a Mage character in WoW and probably came across your blog by accident when Google’ing for something else.

    I remember being much younger then and loving your amazing Draenei drawings. One particular post stuck with me and made me more closely follow your blog: you made incredible Draenei cookies, and they turned out so cute! I shared this with another mage friend and we were flabbergasted by your Grand Master Cooking skills.

    Anyway, I was a bit sad when I returned to your blog in the following years and there wasn’t anything new. I know blogs come and go, but always appreciated your Tuesday Art Day posts.

    Well, moving forward to now, I found a link to your Twitter from Manalicious and from there a link to this website.

    Just wanted to sent a small comment saying that you art and writing really ressonated with me and I will continue to follow your work!

  2. James G
    November 6, 2023


    I saw your pinned post on Mastodon with the 4 watercolours. The watercolour of the white spruce forest with the reflection in the water is absolutely beautiful. I do not see that particular piece on this website, so it might not be available for sale, but would love to discuss a price if it is available. My infant son was sitting in my lap just staring at it for 5 minutes, which is a lifetime given him attention span. Just absolutely enthralled.



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