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I went out to Canmore with my brother and folks yesterday. He was going mountain biking and I thought it’d be a good opportunity to nose around a bit and maybe do some sketching. I brought my tiny box of Cotman watercolours and some pens and sketchbooks.

I found I was a bit frustrated working with the portable Cotman colours (I’m so used to tubes, and having every colour possible). Anyway, it’s a good exercise in learning to work with what you have, even if what you have is a weird neon green!

Deciding not to push it more with the watercolours, I did a pen sketch instead. I’ve loved the Staedtler pigment liners for years, as far as I’m concerned they are the perfect pen for sketching!

Coincidentally, while I was at the Canmore Nordic Centre I met a very nice group of ladies who were also painting! They came over to introduce themselves and we talked, it turns out that they get together to paint and sketch once a week in a different location. They were really friendly and even recommended a place for us to go for lunch. We ended up having lunch at Stoney’s (at Silver Tip Resort), on the patio overlooking the 18th hole. Gorgeous scenery and we practically had the place to ourselves, so you can’t beat that either! I had a good day in Canmore. Next time I go out painting, though, I’m taking a better palette with me.

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