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For quick inspiration lately, I’ve been drawing from a library of photographs that I’ve taken at one time or another. I’m not a great photographer or anything, but there’s usually some in there from anyplace we’ve been to provide enough reference! This photograph was taken near Ile Claude, Quebec some years back. I wanted to […]

Watercolour Process

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While I was working on these two images (Imagination I and II) I kept photographic records for a few reasons. One, to show the client, but also so that I could write a post showing a little bit of the process that I use! There are five images in all, taken over the period of […]

Self Portrait

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Continuing with my desire to do (mostly daily) sketches in addition to work, here’s today’s, a self-portrait.


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  I’ve been getting into the habit of doing a daily sketch. This one is of Rufus, my distinguished(?) chocolate Labrador Retriever.


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I went out to Canmore with my brother and folks yesterday. He was going mountain biking and I thought it’d be a good opportunity to nose around a bit and maybe do some sketching. I brought my tiny box of Cotman watercolours and some pens and sketchbooks. I found I was a bit frustrated working […]

Papergirl Calgary

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Papergirl Calgary is a local branch of an initiative that has gone global! Its premise: taking art out of galleries and sharing it with the public. You can read more about it on their tumblr here. I really like the idea, and I’ll be trying to get something done to submit to them before the […]